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Combine SSRS with Power BI? Insane - but True!
In preview, and we've taken a look - SSRS 2016 supports Power BI Desktop .pbix reports!

Power BI 2.0

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Free Power BI ebook manual from Microsoft Press

What's new in the latest Power BI Desktop update. Power BI is updated on a monthly basis. This link outlines in summary form what those updates are about. And a link to download the latest version.

What's new in the Power BI service. A listing of the recent updates to the service

Improvements - Ideas. Community driven list of ideas to improve Power BI, list of votes and status. Search to see if an idea is already listed, add a new one, or just vote for ones you want. Including planned support for on-premise hosting.

Power BI, NoSQL and JSON

Power BI 2.0 - custom visuals, You can create visuals, and use custom visuals from the public custom visuals gallery.

Power BI: Comparing the Waterfall, Line and Column Charts

Data type Changes when loading Power BI Data

Over the course of 2015 and beyond, Microsoft has moved into the presentation side of BI & reporting in a big way.  They pulled Power BI out of Excel and combined it with the SSRS tool kit, As of 2016, we are in the early stages of this migration, but the signs are good that Microsoft will have not just a usable BI tool, but finally, one that is great.

Upload Power BI Desktop .pbix to SSRS 2016
Setup SSRS 2016 with support for Power BI Desktop in VirtualBox

On the SQL Server Blog - Microsoft Business Intelligence - our reporting roadmap, October 29, 2015, the team has outlined that strategy. And it points to a unification of Power BI and SSRS.

SSRS 2016

SSRS 2016 - Extreme Makeover for the Native Mode Web Portal

Use Power BI mobile apps to view SSRS 2016 reports.  With the January 2016 update to the power BI mobile apps, you can connect to SSRS 2016. You'll need reports configured with the Mobile Report Publisher.

SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher - First Look. We take a look at how this tool works. And how it allows you to use Power BI when you publish to SSRS.

SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher - use a Dataset from SSRS An overview on how to connect to a database from a mobile report using the Mobile Report Publisher.

How to create Mobile Reports and KPI’s in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 – An end-to-end walkthrough. Christopher Finlan, a member of the Reporting Services team, has written some great posts about SSRS 2016, Mobile Reports and Power BI.

SSRS 2016 - stand alone Report Builder gets an update, Along with all the other BI/SSRS updates, the stand-alone report builder is also getting revised. While still similar to the original, it now has a look and fell similar to the Power BI tools.

SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog

Microsoft Business Intelligence – our reporting roadmap, The expectation is that you will be able to use Power BI to publish to SSRS.

Installation - SSRS 2008 R2

One of the best posting on how to install SSRS 2008 R2.
HowTo Install SQL Server 2008 R2 by thecodeattic
Reporting Services at least up to SQL Server 2014 has not changed much, so this install post is still useful. And perhaps for 2016 as well.  Perhaps one of the biggest issues with SSRS is the first time you try to connect to it to setup users.  Seems that there are quite a few forum questions on how to get this initial connection. 

Report Builder

The report builder 3 was released as part of SQL Server 2008 R2.  While the updated Report Builder, as part of SQL Server 2016 has a look and feel more like Power BI Desktop, much of the functionality is the same, so these how-to posts are still useful.
You can download the 2008 R2 version at Report Builder 3.0 at Microsoft Download.

Creating a Basic Report in Report Builder, by Robert Sheldon. A nice overview.

Getting Started with SQL Server Report Builder, by Arshad Ali on Database Journal