Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Power BI 2.0 - custom Visuals

Microsoft has been adding and extending Power BI, and its associated visuals since the updated version 2.0 came out in the summer of 2015. And still, there are, and will be visual tools that we need or want.

Fortunately, Power BI has the ability to extend by adding in custom visuals. You can create your own, or find one on the Power BI custom visuals gallery.  As of early 2016, the gallery listing is limited, but over time, we can expect more to be added. Some to consider are the Synoptic Panel and the Chiclet Slicer.

Kryptonite No More!

In the ideas section of Power BI, the team has completed the posted request to all the suppression of custom visualizations.  This is great news.  Having a warning pop-up as one of your executives is looking over a Power BI dashboard is not what most of us want.  You can read more about it here:

The Kryptonite of custom visuals

According to the ideas page of Power BI, this is in the que to be changed, but as of now, if you add-in and use a custom visual, your Power BI report will post an ugly warning before the custom visual will run. It is not great, but they do plan to correct this situation.

Have a visual you want to create and submit?

See How to create and submit a visual at Power BI.

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