Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SSRS 2016 - Extreme Makeover for the Native Mode Web Portal

SSRS 2016 CTP 3.2 introduces the future of SSRS Web Portals. It looks a lot like the Power BI web portal, and reports created for it using the new Mobile Report Publisher can be viewed using the Power BI mobile app. (see Use Power BI mobile apps to view SSRS 2016 reports).

Working thru the various sections, many of the features in the new portal are still under development. And parallel the existing native SSRS portal features. But, the future looks good.  The overall interface is much nicer than the old SSRS portal. We now have the ability to view reports on a unified Power BI mobile app, that supports both the Power BI reports, and SSRS reports from the new Mobile Report Publisher.

We can hope that the new SSRS will support a new report format that is compatible with Power BI. And on the Power BI Ideas site, the team has indicated that SSRS will be the on-premise Power BI server (Jan 19,2016).  We know that the new SSRS 2016 reports are HTML5 compliant. As it stands now, you can 'pin' SSRS 2016 reports to your Power BI account - but that is not the same thing as having a common report server/format. (to use Power BI, you first need to configure SSRS to connect to Power BI - using the SSRS configuration tool)



Senator Squires said...

Interesting, I can't figure out how to navigate to that settings page from the Home screen. I then tried to paste your post's URL in (changing just the server name), it just spins saying "Connecting to Your Power bi Account - Connecting to the server.. " I can't seem to find the screen to sign in myself

Senator Squires said...

Figured this out.. I hadn't set up my report server's configuration with Power BI yet.

Andrew Peterson said...

@Senator Squires: thanks for the update. When time permits, will try to post listing of steps to get it all working. Over the past CTP's, the SSRS team have been adding quite a few great features.