Thursday, January 21, 2016

SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher - use a Dataset from SSRS

SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher provides two methods to add data for mobile reports. The simplest is from an Excel file. Excel is great for simple or onetime reports, but not practical for most operational reports. These need to come from a more structured data set held in a database. The second method to add data allows us to create a data set directly from a database.  (We covered how to add data using Excel in our post SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher - First Look).

The data set resides in SSRS, and since our mobile reports use SSRS as a middle tier, it makes sense that the data set is formalized first on SSRS.  

The basic steps include:

  1. Create a data set and save it to SSRS using the Report Builder (see SSRS 2016 Report Builder)
  2. Launch SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher and add your data set from SSRS
  3. Create a new mobile report using the new data set

Christopher Finlan, a member of the Reporting Services team, has covered this in detail, so rather than repeat the process, just go to his page:  How to create Mobile Reports inSQL Server Reporting Services 2016.

For this initial preview, it has been noted that you should use the CTP Report Builder to create and save data sets to be used by Mobile Report Publisher. If you use SQL Server Data Tools, you will get an error, at least until the known bug is fixed.  See Solved: (500) Internal Server Error in Mobile Report Publisher.

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