Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SSRS 2016: Reports_Preview - 503 Service Unavailable

After setting up SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services, you cannot connect to the new SSRS 2016 Web Portal. For the CTP 3.2, the URL is http://[ComputerName]/reports_preview.

[The general availability (GA) release also has some Error 503 issues.  See SQL 2016 SSRS Error 503.  The quickest fix is to simply stop and restart the service - and consider setting it up on a delayed start if it continues]
  • You can connect to the legacy SSRS reports page: http://[ComputerName]/reports
  • You've checked the SSRS configurations, and they look fine
  • And you remember that SSRS no longer uses IIS
Check the two (2) SSRS services. yes, with the CTP 3.2, SSRS now has two services:
Update: Starting with RC1, SSRS returns to a single service: http://[ComputerName]/reports

SQL Server Reporting Services              
SQL Server Reporting Services Web App

If you get a "503 Service Unavailable" message, the service is probably not running.

On reboot it is again stopped - Try Automatic (Delayed Start)

When you start up your test server, or reboot it, it seems this new SSRS service does not start automatically - even if it is set to Automatic.  After changing the start up type to Automatic (Delayed Start), I have found that it now starts automatically - most of the time, but not always.


Ygor said...

Hi there, on my services list there is no entry for the "web" option, what can be wrong? Thanks

Andrew Peterson said...

It could be that 2016 SSRS did not get installed properly. And make sure that you have setup and properly configured SSRS. Might need to reinstall SSRS. It is part of CTP, so stuff happens.

Ygor said...

I've reinstalled everything and now it's working fine. Thanks a lot!