Friday, November 18, 2016

Use SSMS to connect to Linux SQL Server v.Next

We've downloaded the v.Next preview release of SQL Server for Linux and it's time to connect and take a look.  Great, but the online documentation is focused on command line interaction using sqlcmd.  [ for more information on getting the SQL Server for Linux preview
- see SQL Server on Linux is now in public preview)

Command lines are great for production, but for investigation, a GUI interface is better. So, can we connect using SQL Server Management Studio?  The answer is yes, but with some qualifiers.

  1. Use a current production release of SSMS?

    We used a slightly outdated SSMS, version/release 13.0.15700.28. The current release is build number : 13.0.16000.28 (lised as release 16.5).  With our older version, we were able to make a connection using a standard connection using the IP for the server name along with SQL Server Authentication. While we could make a connection, we opted to switch to the new v.Next preview edition.
  2. Use a preview edition of SSMS, updated for SQL Server v.Next, version 17.0 RC1
    You can down a preview edition on the main SSMS download page: Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

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