Tuesday, November 22, 2016

CentOS - settings to Connect automatically

Curiously, with a fresh install of CentOS (we're using v7 (1511) the network configuration does not automatically connect at startup.  We found two ways to change this. One, via the GNOME GUI interface, the other using a terminal.


On the TechnologyTales.com website, we found a terminal setting adjustment. You can read about it here:  Automatically enabling your network connection at startup on CentOS 7.

Desktop Interface

While ideal for production, GUI's are great for one-off adjustments that don't require the user to know explicitly what command and its flags should be used. So for those users, here is an alternative.

Using the toolbar, top right, click on the down arrow, and then select the Wired section:

Next, select the Wired Settings section:

In the bottom right, click on the system/properties icon:

Finally, in the properties box, first, select the "Identity" menu item, and on this page, check the "connect automatically" box.

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