Thursday, March 10, 2016

SQL Server 2016 - SSMS - How to Install

Microsoft has setup SQL Server Management Studio as a separate install.
Fortunately, they have made it somewhat easy to locate and install.
[see SSMS - Now a stand-alone, separate tool from SQL Server]

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. On the Setup page, under installation, locate the Install SQL Server Management Tool
  2. Click on this, and it takes you to an MSDN download page. Ours was, and download
  3. Run the install the file -
    (for pre-release versions (CTP/RCx) I had to use the cmd shell to get it to install -  See Below.)
Steps in detail:
  1. On the Setup page, under installation, locate the Install SQL Server Management Tool

2. Download from MSDN
 This takes you to the download page:, which has the most current SSMS application.

3. Install. After downloading, run the install exe.  With the final release, SSMS installed as expected.
Be advised that the SSMS install takes several minutes.


Past notes on installing SSMS, when the GUI installation did not work 

With SQL 2016, CTP and RCx, the GUI based SSMS install often failed. The below notes are retained if anyone has a future issue with the installation, they might help with a command line install.

I had to open an administrator cmd shell to get this to install.

   - first failed attempt was to install after download from my the browser.  did not work
   - next, from the file, selected "Run as Administrator"  - but that did not work
   - finally, using a cmd shell, ran these two scripts (I moved the install file to C:\SSMS-Setup_ENU )

Using an administrator cmd shell, running these two commands, it worked:
From RC0, I remembered using the layout flag, so why not add it here.
Then, run it again, but without the layout flag. You may be able to install without the layout.

         A simple install did not work!

RC0 - Release Candidate 0

With SQL Server 2016 RC0 - SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) does not install. Or at least with my Windows Server 2012 R2 it did not install.

It appears that if certain components of Visual Studio 2010 are not present, SSMS will not install. Fortunately, we can install it using an application on the downloaded .iso.

Here are the basic steps

  1. Locate the install kit on the .iso:  typically D:\Tools\SSMS-Full-Setup.exe
  2. Create a temp folder, such as C:\temp\
    (probably could have just run this directly from the .iso and skipped the temp folder)
  3. Copy the file to the temp folder
  4. As Administrator, open a command prompt
  5. run the following command

          C:\temp\SSMS-Full-Setup /layout .\

Locate the installation file:

Run the application in a command prompt - as administrator

Notice the Visual Studio 2010 Shell

The addition of the /layout .\ was based on comments on a msdn forum.

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