Monday, April 11, 2016

SSMS - Now a stand-alone, separate tool from SQL Server

If you have been working with SQL Server 2016, you may have noticed that SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) now has a separate install. 

In an interview posted April 5, 2016 on SQLSentry, Ken Van Hyning, Microsoft's Engineering Manager for SQL Server Client Tools outlined the future for SSMS, and a big part of that future is as a stand-alone, universal tool. A tool that is installed and updated separately from the core bits of SQL Server. And one that can work with all version of SQL Server, including the upcoming Linux variant.  This is welcome news.

Still, this all began back in 2015, with an initial solo release of SSMS. And going forward, we'll be able to install the current version of SSMS regardless of the servers on the backend. One tool to manage them all! Plus, Van Hyning suggested that going forward, there would be monthly updates, improvements to performance & reliability and to start to address the long list of customer requests. You can read the full interview here:  An Interview with Microsoft's Ken Van Kyning.

You can download the current or earlier version here:
Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
Previous SQL Server Management Studio Releases

For early versions of 2016 (CTP & RC's), we had install issues, and often had to use a command line to install. With the official general availability (GA) release, install was straight forward. If you do find that the install fails, this might help  - see SQL Server 2016 - SSMS - How to Install  for tips on how to install SSMS for your 2016 installation.

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