Thursday, June 9, 2016

SSRS 2016 - Setup Admin and User access to your report server

After installation of SSRS,2016, as well as with older versions, the only user that has access is the account that did the installation.  Usually a system administrator. And how to get access to SSRS is a often popular question.  For 2016, here are the steps to setup a new user so they can gain access to SSRS.

1. Settings:                            - select the Settings button on the top right
2. Site Settings menu:       - select the Site settings menu item
3. Security:                           - on the left menu, select Security
4. Add group or user         - select the + Add group or user button  
5. Group or user:                 - type in your new group or user and select the correct role(s) 

Setting Option on the Top Menu

Sites settings menu option

Security Menu option on the left bar

+ Add group or user form

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