Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Query Store: Resource List - SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 is coming out with Query Store, effectively a tool to monitor query plans over time, and to revert back to an earlier plan when the performance gets tough.

If you are interested in the Query Store, you may be familiar with some of the existing query optimization tools. Many of us worked with the Basket of Performance Queries, by Ian Stirk for SQL Server 2005. We picked up other SQL tools to check for the top CPU consumers, procedure cache queries, learned more about the execution plan and many others.

Rather than post another write-up of the new Query Store, I've listed out some of the Query Store resources that have already been posted. Plus, for those still working with older systems, the second section lists out many of the existing tools already available. If you know of any that should be included, please send the link my way for inclusion.

Query Store Resources

MSDN: Monitoring Performance By Using the Query Store
MSDN: Using the Query Store with In-Memory OLTP (a must read)
MSDN: Best Practice with the Query Store
Redmond Magazine: SQL Server 2016 Preview
Benjamin Nevarez: The SQL Server Query Store
Brent Ozar: (fm: Nov 2014) SQL Server Query Store
Eric Darling: The case for Query Store in tempdb
sp_Blitz Result: Query Store Disabled

Other Optimization Resources

Ian Stirk: Performance articles on SQL Server Central
Ian Stirk: Basket of Performance Queries - SQL 2005
Brent Ozar: sp_BlitzCache,  Cache analysis script
Picasso Database Query Optimizer Visualizer
Brent Ozar: the Art of the Execution Plan
Opsserver @ GitHub, Stack Exchange's Monitoring System
SQLSentry: PlanExplorer (free and Pro)

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