Friday, December 18, 2015

MDS 2016 - Attribute Group Maintenance

An initial comparison between Master Data Services 2014 vs. 2016

As part of MDS System Administration, getting to Attribute Group Maintenance section still follows a similar path. Using the Manage menu item, select Attribute Groups. Also see MDS - Attribute Groups for User Access Control.

With MDS 2016, the Attribute Group Maintenance page has a richer form presentation. Like MDS 2014, the groups are listed on the left. But now as part of the description, is a list of all the attributes for each group. Gone are the expanding trees. The down side is that with the new format, you can only view one member type at a time. 

Attribute Group Maintenance - MDS 2016

Attribute Group Maintenance - MDS 2014

Add/Edit/Delete Attribute Groups

Adding a new group is as simple as clicking on the Add button.  A form opens up on the far right, with a field for the name, and three sets of pick boxes for the attributes, the users and groups. Feature wise, this is the same as MDS 2014, but with a lot nicer interface, and a much snapper one as well.

Add a new Attribute Group - MDS 2016

Editing an existing Attribute Group follows the same approach. the only difference being that the Assigned boxes hold the current values.
And deleting a group provides a pop-up message when you press the Delete button.  Unfortunately, it does not tell you which Attribute Group will be deleted.

Delete warning - Attribute Groups - MDS 2016

Overall, it is a great enhancement.  The web forms are much faster, and the new pages present data with out having to expand a tree or drill into another form.

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