Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SQL Server 2016 First Look - Review

The upcoming release of SQL Server 2016 promises to have some big enhancements, based on the various prereleases. PolyBase is just one of the major enhancements.

You can find my published review covering SQL Server 2016 community technology preview (CTP) at Redmond Magazine. Find it here: SQL Server 2016 Preview Reveals Path to Azure and Big Data.

Another exciting addition included with SQL Server 2016 is the Query Store. Here, Microsoft stayed with a simple, and meaningful name.  The query store does literally store past queries along with performance statistics that allow DBA's to monitor, and manage how they should be run in the future.  Redgate's Simple Talk web site has started a series of posts that cover the Query Store in-depth. you can find it here: TheSQL Server 2016 Query Store: Overview and Architecture.

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