Monday, January 7, 2008

Vendors and the Black Box Vision

I am endlessly amazed that organizations continue to focus on technology tools as magic black boxes. True, some of the tools are magical, but only if they are understood, and focused on solving the business problem. Vendor demo’s show amazing results, but hide the hard work to get the tools up and running, along with the even more important work of assessing the businesses needs, organizing the information, and targeting problems, issues and results.

To some extent, the vendors drive the problem. Their goal is to sell the tools, and they do a good job of selling -- perhaps too good a job. No matter how excellent the tool, organizations still need a plan, architectural drawings and construction blue prints, before they start building. The tech vendors may have the best, most cutting edge Bobcat or backhoe, but you still do not ask the crane operator to design and construct the building. Except in technology. And we wonder why so many projects fail?

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