Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excellent execution can save a bad idea

In the corporate world today, and perhaps others, the idea, the concept, is idolized, while sadly, the ability to execute is more likely than not taken for granted. And this will ultimately lead to an organization’s demise. Google was not the first to do Internet searches – their design and execution in improving the results lead to their success. YouTube was not the first to do online video. But they were the best at making it easy – and thus the design and execution, and not just the idea lead to success. Microsoft is often criticized for rarely having any new ideas. Perhaps justified, but what they do is execute better than others. Again, their success is due to the dirty work of execution, not the idea.

During the first Internet wave, those companies with sound execution (the dirty work) appear to have succeeded more often, while those with just an idea, and poor execution seem to have failed. The trend is clear - Excellent execution can save a bad idea, but all ideas are doomed with poor execution. The question is, do you get it? Does your competitor?

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