Friday, April 18, 2008

Data Warehousing TCO & ROI Reports

I've been getting some calls for studies outlining the costs, ROI and/or the TCO for large data warehouses. Below is a list of reports that I have found:

- Start with Harrah's use of BI, They are one of the leaders in BI.

ROI Case Study: Teradata Harrrah's Entertainment

- Next check out Sun's comparison, it has some good data, by Ventana

Data Warehousing Total Cost of Ownership Research on Sun Microsystems and NCR Teradata

- And then check out some of these:
- ROI Case Study: Enterprise Data Warehouse Intermountain Healthcare
- Realizing Data Warehouse ROI
- Data Warehouse Justification and ROI
- TCO Starts With the End User
- Realizing Data Warehouse ROI
- Have you Created a Monster?

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